My digital experience as a african woman

Hello my name is DONFACK ORNELLA, I am Marketing project manager and SEO web editor. Today I’m going to share my digital experience with you, then I’ll touch on some aspects of this field with you.

It’s been 04 years today that I started on digital, marketer by training, I was waiting a lot to talk about digital marketing, the fact that you had to leave traditional marketing to migrate to the digital field, I was very lost because at school we did not address this aspect of marketing.

So I understood that I should not wait until I was told everything in school and that I should also do my research to better understand what it was because I did not want to be behind. I started to do my research on digital marketing and digital professions. I was also looking for seminars so the themes revolved around digital, digital. And also, on social networks such as linkedin, I saw on many profiles titles such as digital maketer, community manager, webmaster, etc., this further aroused my curiosity.

By doing my research and thanks to the seminars I was able to get a glimpse of what the digital world was offering and the speed with which things were going thanks to the internet.

I could learn that:

To prospect customers, we no longer had to walk for hours to present these different products or services, but that prospecting could also be done online, for example by emailing.
I learned that you can also do online market research
I understood that thanks to digital you can directly reach the target you are targeting for your services, because thanks to digital tools, we can collect information from a person that we store. We speak of BIG DATA to describe large databases.

I learned that in the same way that a company communicates in the normal world it must also do so in the digital world because most of its customers are connected.

The list is exhaustive. Faced with this panoply of professions and opportunities offered by the digital world, I therefore decided to take an interest in the community management profession for a start

My digital experience as a community manager

If you want to know what the job of community manager is, I invite you to click on the link

I started taking online training on community management and shortly after I decided to apply for an internship in a digital marketing agency as a trainee community manager. It was a great experience, I had to be creative to lead a large community on social networks in order to sell the products of the company whose pages I managed and also to listen to customers on social networks . I was able to learn to use visual creation tools like canva which I use a lot more.

From this internship I was able to realize the importance of digital in communication with customers:

There’s a closer proximity to the customer
You can follow the results of your thanksgiving thanks to the statistics

The list is long.

After exploring the profession of community management, I decided to expand my field of action, so I turned to Web Writing.

My digital experience as a web editor

In terms of writing, I started a freelance internship. I had to write the product sheets for a French online sales site.

What I liked about this job was that I didn’t have to go out and sit in a busy office. My office was my machine and I could work anywhere at school when I had a short break, at home etc….

I could earn my money thanks to digital by staying at home and doing several other things (my studies, my different activities). I hadn’t really been trained in product sheet writing, having already had to sell products face-to-face, I was just trying to reproduce the same thing in the digital world by making a description that would push the customer who browses the product sheet to buy.

Afterwards I had put a slight brake on my digital activities, I had just continued with the sale of the items online and I continued my activities in normal life.

But with the arrival of the corona virus, being confined my activities have stopped and I said to myself: well here I am, I have to find an activity to do, so I decided to do a training to deepen my knowledge on web writing and be able to continue to earn my living through digital while remaining confined to my home. After a few weeks I was able to have positive results.

So I decided to do this article to share my experience of digital and the opportunity behind it. Today you can build a career thanks to digital because it has many advantages.

The advantages of digital

The advantages of digital generally emerge depending on the field for which it is used it can be for your business, your training, for work etc. … But generally speaking digital has many advantages:

– It has allowed the creation of several trades

The advent of digital technology has given rise to the birth of several professions that did not exist before, such as :

  1. Data scientist
  2. Web analyst
  3. Social media manager
  4. Product manager
  5. Growth hacker
  6. Chief Digital Officer
  7. Community manager

The list is exhaustive.

– It creates added value

We are witnessing the digitalization of most companies, it can be fatal for a company not to be present on the digital. Digital drives economies and helps businesses and government to gain in human, technical and financial value.

– It plays an important role in education

Thanks to digital technology, administrative management is less dense in institutions, and also education is more accessible to the population. It is indeed thanks to digital technology that schools have not stopped despite the corona virus pandemic because courses are given even at a distance.

The list is long as far as the advantages of digital technology are concerned, but there are also some disadvantages:

The disadvantages of digital

– The instability of the internet

Using digital means working with the Internet, we sometimes see the instability of the Internet especially in Africa, which sometimes slows down digital activities and sometimes leads to huge losses.

– Cybercrime

Cybercrime is a very recurrent offence in the digital world, it consists of hacking into users’ personal information, confidential company information and even government information.  It also consists of buying and selling illegal products and services via the dark web etc. This offence costs companies billions of dollars every year.

To conclude this article from my experience of digital, I invite Africans to go digital and to undertake in this field because it is an excellent way to develop our economies.

I encourage more women to go digital, to become more self-reliant and to create value.

Brice Emery MBENDJE

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