Solutions to fight youth unemployment in Gabon

Today, youth unemployment is one of the most pressing challenges in Africa. According to the World Bank, young people account for 60% of all unemployed Africans. Over the next two decades, about 15 to 20 million young people will reach working age each year. But the lack of adequate jobs will increase the unemployment rate every year. In view of this, there is an urgent need for an ecosystem capable of providing quality jobs and appropriate skills.

Africa is a huge continent, and each region faces its own specific challenges in terms of youth unemployment. In Gabon, there is a huge mismatch between supply and demand for skills, a lack of sustainable jobs and private sector investment.

Focus on the Titaf application, a digital tool for fighting unemployment

In the past, several methods have been developed at the national level to effectively combat unemployment, although it must be recognized that without reception structures, without companies capable of massive recruitment, this is not always easy. Based on research, initiatives such as Titaf its approach. Indeed, the Titaf app uses an integral approach based on three pillars:

  • Focusing on home services accessible to all and touching and interesting both men and women, those with a diploma, a qualification or simply know-how acquired over time. These are people qualified in masonry, carpentry, plumbing, carpentry, cleaning, performing arts, laundry, tiling, hairdressing, home automation, electricity, event management, IT, delivery, housekeeping, massage, babysitting (nanny), painting, plumbing, transport, African braids, etc.
  • Enable legally constituted professional craftsmen to acquire new clients (individuals or companies) by using new technologies.
  • To enable young people graduating from national and international schools and universities to put into practice what they have studied, either as a main or secondary activity, by offering their services to individuals in the neighborhoods of Gabonese cities.

Application in Gabon

The first step of this approach has recently been adapted and tested in a French context with the ENGIE solution, To address the challenges Gabon is facing in terms of youth unemployment, Titaf wishes to apply similar skills approaches in Gabon. By focusing on strengthening young workers’ chances of finding a job and why not starting their own business and helping employers develop their business through human resource development and innovation.

In order to effectively combat youth unemployment in Gabon and indeed throughout Africa, it is not only necessary to think about creating businesses or promoting youth entrepreneurship policies, it is also and above all necessary to encourage private initiatives developed to truly combat youth unemployment. The new technologies offer great opportunities in this sense, it is only necessary to know how to use them in an intelligent way.

Brice Emery MBENDJE

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