Elon Musk, an accomplished dreamer

The creator of SolarCity, SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, is a model of success around the world. With his atypical background, this exceptional avant-garde is preparing to change the face of the world thanks to these technological innovations.

Modern societal issues remain a constant preoccupation at the heart of this genius’s work. Like a prophet, Elon Musk predicts the future through these three mastodons of technological exploitation: aerospace (SpaceX), automotive (Tesla) and solar energy (SolarCity).

A journey of genius

At the registry office, he was named Elon Reeve Musk, a South African national, born on 28 June 1971 in Pretoria. Later, he was reunited with his brother in Canada and acquired Canadian and then American citizenship a few years later.

The creation, at the age of 12, of the video game Blastar, which sold for $500, launched the career of this young man whose discoveries would revolutionize the technological field.

At the age of 24, thanks to a $28,000 donation from his father, he set up his first company, Zip2, alongside his brother, to publish online publishing software. In the end, the business brought him $300 million.

He creates X.com, an online payment service that will later become Paypal, which he will resell for 1.5 billion dollars.

Launch of SpaceX, the first private company to organize space travel for individuals, when he is only 31 years old.

One year later, for $6.5 million he became president of Tesla Motors, a company that builds electric cars.

After 40, he developed the Hyperloop, a train capable of reaching 1,000 km/h and propelled on air cushions.

2012, Elon Musk makes a historic entry into the world of electric cars.

The first time in history that a private company, in this case SpaceX, launched a supply capsule to the International Space Station and brought it back to Earth intact.

The automotive field is not to be outdone with Tesla’s Model S, an electric sedan. Voted Car of the Year by Consumer Reports (99/100) and then declared the best car ever built.

The stock market flotation of its electricity company SolarCity. Just one hour later, it was able to produce an amount of energy equivalent to a year’s worth of world consumption from all sources.

Artificial intelligence, a new Elonian gamble

In 2015, he founded OpenAI, a research association that promotes and develops an AI (artificial intelligence) with a global scope, budgeted at $1 billion.

Worse, in 2016, he set up Neuralink, a nanobiotechnology start-up whose mission will be to develop new man-machine interfaces implanted in the brain.

Efforts and determination rewarded

Thanks to his relentless determination, he was able to achieve one of the greatest feats in the space industry in just one decade by making the first space rocket more than 100 metres away with two people on board equipped with a Raptor engine powered by cryogenic methane gas.

On Tuesday, May 26, 2020, the Starhopper space rocket, which is only a prototype of the American billionaire, was propelled 150 meters from the ground in Florida (USA), with two astronauts on board.

After this success, another flight is scheduled in a few weeks with the challenge of reaching 200 meters, according to the press.

Ecologist and workaholic

Unlike other Silicon Valley bosses, Musk wants to save and preserve humanity from certain disappearance caused by the heavy exploitation of natural resources.

Described as a workaholic by his collaborators and employees, he has set himself a huge workload (60 and 90 hours a week). These employees respect his abnegation, his rigour, and his ability to get the best out of his team.

Elonian thought is a whole ideology

“When we’re faced with a problem, we just react in response to the wrong questions, a problem we wouldn’t have if we had asked the right question in the first place,” said the author of his biography (Elon Musk), Silicon Valley journalist Ashlee Vance.

One of the really difficult things is knowing what questions to ask,” he said. Once you’ve found the question, the answer is relatively easy. We should aspire to increase the scope and dimensions of human consciousness to better understand what questions to ask”.

This is the kind of thinking that led him to think about complex subjects such as solar energy, space exploration, smart cars, digital payment before he entered high school.

Complementary companies

A fine strategist, because each of his companies is complementary. Tesla produces batteries that SolarCity sells on the market, while SolarCity manufactures solar panels used by Tesla’s rechargeable terminals. Not forgetting that SpaceX technologies were used in the design of Tesla cars.

Humanity’s Survival

Its main objective remains to ensure that gender is aware of environmental preservation, so that humanity has a sustainable future. The humanitarian cause remains the supreme motivation that he has pushed to surpass himself every day so that he can always have a planet where it is good to live.

Brice Emery MBENDJE

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