How to monetize your WordPress blog with Woocommerce?

How to monetize a WordPress blog by selling its blog posts?

You have a blog that works pretty well, you’ve worked hard and your blog has been around for several years already. You certainly have posts (articles) that work very well and are visited by your readers every day. What if you ask your readers to make a small payment before reading your post? A small contribution to help you maintain your blog, what! Well, it’s possible, with the two plugins I’m going to present you.

Monetize your blog by selling your WordPress blog posts with the Blogpost-Woo and Woocommerce plugins.

Blogpost-Woo is a WordPress plugin that works with Woocommerce and allows you to propose, monetize your blog articles or your website pages. The plugin works with all payment methods supported in Woocommerce and does not require any connection or account creation from the reader.

The current version of the plugin only registers the user’s phone number, allowing the user to read the post for three days on any device or browser. After that, he will have to re-order the post.

The plugin uses shortcodes to block posts (a part of your blog posts) and displays two buttons to the reader: one to pay and one to log in to read the whole post.

Why Blogpost-Woo?

There are several methods to monetize your blog, here are a few:

  1. Make money with affiliate marketing;
  2. Google AdSense ads on your blog;
  3. Use a WordPress advertising plugin to sell ads directly;
  4. Sell sponsored blog posts;
  5. Get paid for writing reviews;
  6. Get public speaking gigs as an influencer;
  7. Create restricted members-only content;
  8. Create a paid professional directory;
  9. Sell ebooks on your WordPress site;
  10. Sell online courses.

Blogpost-Woo was originally developed for an e-learning website. The goal was to allow the owner of the site to hide some of the courses from the learners in exchange for a small fee to continue reading the courses. The other objective was also to make the payment process simpler and faster for the user, by completely disabling the user account creation feature provided by Woocommerce.

Order the WordPress Blogpost-Woo plugin today and start selling your blog posts easily.


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