African SMEs: 03 reasons for their lack of interest in SEO

SEO is the set of techniques aimed at optimizing the positioning of a site or a web application in search engine results. Nowadays, there is a great lack of interest in SEO by some African companies on their sites.

In this article, we will talk about 03 reasons that explain this disinterest.

1- African SMEs have not yet grasped the importance of SEO.

Under-information may explain this lack of interest.

Indeed, some African companies have not yet identified all the advantages that SEO represents for the site of their companies, they just have to reduce it to a technique to be positioned first on search engines.

It is true that this is one of the main reasons for SEO, but we must also take into account the fact that it is a source of credibility for Internet users.

Indeed, when the company’s website appears among the first results in search engines, in the mind of the Internet user it reflects the fact that this company is among the best in its sector because it only appears in first position the best.

2-African SMEs favour the SEA at the SEO because its results are easy to measure.

African companies prefer to opt for SEA (paid referencing) because its results are easier to measure and its action is fast.

However, it should be noted that although the results of SEO are not easy to perceive, statistics have proven that it generates the best marketing ROI (return on investment).

Indeed, according to the statistics :

70 to 80% of users make the deliberate choice not to click on sponsored ads.
SEO generates 51% of a site’s traffic against 34% for banners and emails, 10% for SEA and 5% for social networks.

3-The lack of interest in SEO is due to the fact that some SMEs still neglect their presence on the web (websites).

One of the reasons for this disinterest in SEO is the fact that there are still several companies in Africa that have not understood the need to have a website. For them, the fact of being present in a real way on the market is enough, they say to themselves if business is doing well why create yet another site? Or are they interested in SEO?

For those who have understood the need to create a website for their business, many don’t really take the time to make it come alive. There are websites that are sometimes badly designed, websites with no news and on others the information is sometimes wrong. Thus, we are not interested in SEO if we can’t do the basic things to make our website come alive.

African companies should be aware of the delay they have on the use of online visibility tools and get up to date. With millions of sites on the internet, it is crucial to stand out, to make a difference in order to be placed among the first on the search engines, which will increase traffic to their sites and prospects who may be future customers.


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