African SMEs: 05 techniques to optimize website visibility

You want to optimize the of your website visibility  by search engines?

Here are some techniques that will allow you to improve your website visibility  so that it appears among the first on the search engines.

1. Optimize your website visibility using natural and paid referencing

One of the most common techniques used to optimize the websites visibility by search engines is natural referencing. Indeed, for Google to display the pages of your site among the first when visitors enter a search, they would have to be referenced according to natural referencing criteria.

Here are some criteria to take into account:

  • Introduction of relevant keywords
  • The semantic field around the keyword
  • Making content structured by titles
  • The html tags (Title, title levels, meta description etc…)
  • Make an original content
  • The introduction of internal and external links
  • Add alternative texts to images
  • Addition of tags and categories in articles

The list is exhaustive. These criteria improve your website visibility by search engines.

The paid referencing (SEA) as for him is a tool used to make known its site by the search engines through advertisements. When you use the SEA, sponsored links appear at the moment the Internet user makes his search and you have a quick visibility.

NB: The choice of these techniques depends on your project and your budget. Both techniques are very effective whether they are linked or separate.

2. Securing the website in HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure)

HTTPS is a protocol that encrypts communications between the user and the server to reduce the risk of hacking.

One of the main criteria for the ranking of websites by search engines is security. HTTPS secures your site and improves its visibility by search engines.

Also in addition to the desire to secure your site, implementing the HTTPS protocol will be essential. Indeed, Google has officially announced it, non HTTPS sites will be banned from the first search results, it is therefore preferable to migrate as soon as possible for those who are not yet.

3.    Optimize websites visibility by local referencing

Local referencing is a web optimization method that allows a site to increase its visibility among customers in its geographical area.

African websites can apply local SEO techniques to make their sites appear on the first pages for a localized query.

One of the essential techniques of local SEO is the creation and optimization of your Google My business account. This free tool is a good way to improve the website visibility, but obviously the page must be optimized.

4.     Be in touch with blogs and online press

Having a partnership with the online press well rated by search engines such as Le point économique, (African online press) is favorable to improve the website visibility. Indeed a well-placed link in these presses can be a good way to increase the notoriety of the site and thus increase the visibility by the engines. It is therefore necessary to keep the press informed of the news of your site.

In parallel you can also make partnerships with blogs that have a strong influence. Some specialized blogs can write articles about the subject of your site and integrate inbound links. This technique can not only increase the traffic on your site but also its visibility.

5. Improve websites visibility using social networks

Social networks are a great way to promote your site. Search engines take into account your social activity to optimize your SEO.

Indeed, your activity on social networks displays you on the result pages of Google, bing etc… which gives your site visibility and increases traffic from Internet users.  Also actions on social media produce more incoming links to your site. It is therefore essential to take into account the use of networks in your strategy.

African websites must apply these techniques if they want to improve their visibility and appear among the first on the engines. However, do not believe that improving the visibility of your site will increase your turnover NO! It just allows you to attract prospects to your site you need to set up other strategies to convert them into customers.

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