How to appear on the first page of search engines

How to appear on the first page of search engines with your website or with your company?

A starting question: after entering your search keywords in the search bar and after Google has presented the results to you, have you already clicked down on 2 or next to go to the second page, because Didn’t you find what you want?

No, nobody does it, well at least not the 97% of internet users. They prefer to change keywords.

If you know a little bit about the web world and search engines, you have certainly understood that it is not enough to create a website, host it, submit it to Google and the other search engines is basta! In reality, this is where the real work begins. Besides, most people who have asked me for the referencing of their website have always thought that it is enough just to click on a button. SEO is the life of a website. Each action we take on the site and on the web contributes to improving the ranking.

You should therefore understand that there are several areas in Google search that allow you to rank on the first pages: rich extracts, PPC ads at the top, organic lists at the bottom and local map lists.

So you have a total of four opportunities that allow you to rank your website or business on the first pages of Google results.

The stimulating bills of Google’s algorithms for better results.

In reality, there are more than 200 real ranking signals taken into account by Google. And among these signals there are those on which you must focus as a priority to hope to appear on the first page of the results:

  • Site security (HTTPS);
  • Mobile compatibility;
  • Page speed;
  • Schema markup;
  • The quality of the content of web pages;
  • The length of the content of the web page;
  • Social and local signals;
  • Quality backlinks;
  • Optimized images;
  • The age of the domain;
  • The user experience;
  • Research intent.


The SEO work to improve your positioning on Google and even on other search engines is, as we saw above, a job that is not limited in time. After creating and publishing your website, you must:

  1. optimize all pages of your website (long text, images with alternative texts, inbound links, outbound links, titles, readable paragraphs …);
  2. optimize your extracts;
  3. publish some posts talking about your website on others, such as web directories;
  4. create social pages for your brand and link them to your website,
  5. use Google My Business and write posts relating to your products and services, available on your website;
  6. promote opinions on the website and on social networks;
  7. publish all the time;
  8. etc.

Getting to the first page of Google search results is a job that should be entrusted to SEO professionals, who will be able to know what is wrong on your site and how to fix it. Most of the tasks are within your reach, but it’s always good to know what to do and how to do it.

Brice Emery MBENDJE

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