How to make money on the net as an entrepreneur?

How to make money on the net as an entrepreneur, lawyer, editor, designer, reference, developer, etc.?

Do you remember that a few days ago I wrote a post on how to make money online with the Fiverr website, the English connection platform? If you haven’t read it yet, I invite you to do so now. As I just said, on this platform, communication is entirely in English. But that shouldn’t worry you if you have a minimum of knowledge in this language.

Why use a micro-services website?

If you are a business owner, self-entrepreneur or simply qualified in certain skill areas, you know that it is not always easy to find customers every day. And even if you publish on social networks, create a website to present your services, the competition will always make your day an ordeal to find a single customer. With micro-service platforms, you are guaranteed to present all of your services and know-how to a larger clientele, grouped in one place. You are more likely to find a client each week.

Earn money with the platform

With this micro-services platform, the principle is the same, communication is English for everyone, and you have the choice between the status of seller or buyer, or both. You can therefore offer your services, but also hire the services of other freelancers on the site.

As a seller, you will have to add your services, set prices and options to change the starting price. You should also choose the right keywords for your services to maximize your chances of being recruited.

The difference between Fiverr and Freelancer

On the first city, you set the initial price of your service with options. The customer must launch the order by accepting the initial price. And if he wishes, he can refine the options to improve his request. To register and start making money on the net with Fiverr, you simply need to create an account, take a short skill test, configure your withdrawal methods and publish your ads.

On the second, you initial sets your service with options. But it is the client who presents his budget. All freelancers must say that they are offering for the job and it is the client who must choose to whom he entrusts the job. You can of course discuss a bit of the price after being hired. But as a customer, you will not find this very correct.

What to choose between the two services to make money?

Personally, I prefer Fiverr for its simplicity, its diversified methods of withdrawing funds and having control over the price I charge for my service. But if you really want to make money online, you don’t have to settle for just one micro-service platform, you have to offer your services on all known websites.

Brice Emery MBENDJE

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