Unlimited and Cheap Web Hosting with cPanel

Are you looking for Unlimited and Cheap Web Hosting with cPanel and a free SSL certificate?

Among the web hosting platforms offering unlimited web hosting, Spiderhoster.com is certainly one of the companies that I discovered more than three years ago. I’ve been hosting my websites there for a long time, without any problem. And that’s who it is which is sometimes a bit surprising when I introduce it to some people. Indeed, unlike its already well-established and well-known competitors, Spiderhoster may be suffering from a lack of popularity. But that doesn’t prevent it from providing impeccable service.

Spiderhoster offers shared hosting with 100% SSD storage starting at 500 GB for only €2.29 per month. In fact, this is the only thing that is limited at Spiderhoster (storage space), the rest (bandwidth, email accounts, FTP accounts, databases, subdomains, etc) is unlimited. Since then, it offers an SSL certificate (Let Encript) on all cPanel accounts.

Unlimited and Cheap Web Hosting for only $30 per year.

While searching by chance on a very reputable freelance website, I discovered that this company offered an unlimited annual subscription to everyone who ordered from the platform. This means that instead of paying just over $170 a year for unlimited spiderhoster, you only pay $30 a year; Yes, it’s incredible, but it’s true!

Whether you go through the offer’s website or order directly on the provider’s website, you are guaranteed to have a very large volume of storage space for cheap and quality service. I think that in the field of unlimited web hosting, this is certainly one of the providers that you should not neglect anymore.

Security on Spiderhoster

Ah yes, I didn’t tell you! When it comes to security, the guys don’t skimp on means. It’s really that you’re certainly going to rush there when you see the storage volume, but if you go there with bad intentions, for example, to store forbidden content, contrary to their policies, content already refused by other web hosts, be sure that you’ll be immediately blocked by their security system.

But if you have good intentions that your website(s) are okay, you won’t have any particular problem. If you have problems with your website, which you created yourself, you can always use JetBackup, a tool available on cPanel that allows you to restore your account to a time when everything was working fine.

All in all, whether you choose to subscribe by taking advantage of the 30$ unlimited offer or the different packages offered on the web hosting company’s website, you will always get the benefit of high volume storage and hassle free service. Anyway, take advantage now of an unlimited and cheap web hosting.

Brice Emery MBENDJE

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