Web hosting market in Africa

Worldwide web hosting has been on the rise in recent years due to the growing demand from businesses and eCommerce platforms around the world…

Whatever the nature of your business, as long as you want to be visible online, create a blog to talk about your passion; create a corporate website to present your activities and the services you offer; launch your online store, you will necessarily need web hosting and a domain name.

There are a multitude of web hosting platforms (companies) in the world, in English, French, Spanish, German, etc. or even multilingual. Although the competition is tough, some platforms, already well established, use every trick in the book to offer even more innovative services to their customers. On a global level, we have without surprise the Americans with Godaddy in first place, followed by the Germans with 1&1, the English, the French, etc..

Tough competition for webhosting market share

Because web hosting companies are constantly looking to expand their customer portfolio, all have one objective: to add value to their various services. And this goes through the four main qualities sought by these customers: price, tools offered, support responsiveness and security. Also, all new companies or websites that want to nibble away at small market shares will have to offer the same services as the giants in the field and do even better, depending on their ecosystem.

The web hosting market in Africa

Although Africa is still last or non-existent in some areas, the fact remains that in recent years, some companies have started to provide Internet hosting services. It is true that these are very often communication agencies offering web hosting services directly to their customers, in addition to the service on the creation of websites. It is also true that it is often a partnership between these companies and the giants of the field. The main goal being to always be available with servers based on the other side of the Atlantic or the Mediterranean.

So there are African companies, communication agencies offering web hosting in addition to development services, but there are also some dedicated solely to web hosting and related services, such as Spiderhoster.com. Despite its anglicized name, it is one of the only web hosting platforms offering high volume services, that is to say in terms of storage space, monthly traffic, email account etc..

Indeed, when other brands offer storage space not exceeding 20 GB, Spiderhoster offers its first pack at 500 GB, its second at 5000 GB and the last one unlimited. Its servers are in England and offers a multitude of payment methods (Paypal, cash, transfer and mobile).

The future of web hosting in Africa

With the revolution in mobile telephony and the boom in mobile currency platforms, African web hosting companies all have a chance to become leaders in this field on the continent. All that remains is for the development of electricity infrastructure to take place as quickly as possible and for Africans themselves to learn to trust their intelligence and know-how.

Brice Emery MBENDJE

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